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Depression is a terrible disease. It takes away all the happiness in life. It makes everything feel hopeless. Depression makes you feel nothing is worth doing. It makes you feel alone even when you are surrounded by people that love you. And depression makes you ashamed for being depressed.

How effective is TMS Therapy in treating depression?

Clinical studies have also found TMS Therapy to be an effective treatment for depression. These studies found 37% of all patients reach remission with TMS and 58% of all patients respond to treatment.

Is TMS Therapy approved by the FDA?

Yes. The FDA cleared TMS Therapy as a safe and effective treatment for people who have not been helped by a depression drug. The FDA gave this clearance in 2008. Since then, more than 25,000 people have been treated for depression with TMS.

What is a TMS treatment like?

During treatment, you’ll sit in a comfortable chair with a light-weight device resting on your head. You’ll be awake and alert during the treatment. You may continue your normal daily activities right after treatment is over.

Does TMS Therapy have side effects?

Less than 5% of people who choose TMS Therapy experience temporary pain or discomfort near where the device touches their heads. This discomfort usually lasts one week. There is a very low risk of seizure: 1 in every 10,000 treatments.

Who should have TMS Therapy?

TMS is for adult men and women who have major depressive disorder. Depression medications and talk therapy should be tried before considering this treatment.

Who should not have TMS Therapy?

TMS is safe for most people. Men and women who have magnetic-sensitive metal in their heads – such as implants, clips, stents, and devices – should not have TMS Therapy. People with cardiac devices or who have epilepsy or other seizure disorders may be treated with caution using TMS.