Stacie’s Story of Hope with TMS Therapy

March 14, 2016

New Hope TMS Depression Therapy logo - sunbird onlyFor the last 15 years, because of depression, I have slowly watched my life slip away from me. Despite spending thousands of dollars and desperate attempts trying everything to recover (15+ different anti-depressants, exercise, supplements, dietary changes, meditation, yoga, self-help books, multiple doctors/therapists, etc.), every year saw me fall deeper into the abyss.

Not only did I suffer, everyone and everything around me suffered – family, friends, work, home, and church. I could not get enough sleep and I was always exhausted, irritable, worried, sad, confused, and scared. I was not able to provide for the needs of my children because of crushing fatigue, hopelessness, pain, and sadness. My marriage changed from happy to strained as my husband became my care-taker. Because of exhaustion and an inability to focus and adequately function at work, I began to receive negative performance reviews. I just was unable to be mentally present for anyone or anything.

Knowing I was desperate for help, my doctor suggested TMS. Although I knew it was expensive, my insurance would not pay, and it would put a financial strain on our family, I jumped at the opportunity. TMS worked! I can’t say TMS treatment gave me my life back, because the life I have now is a life I have never known. My life is full of joy, light, energy, and promise. Not only am I now able to handle work, I am easily excelling at my job. My family life is now peaceful because I am present and my family no longer has the burden of worrying about me. Instead of waking up wondering how I am going to manage to get through the day, I wake up eager to get going. Without trying to manage through a layer of worry, confusion, and exhaustion, I am able to get things done!

Until the day I die, I will be grateful and sing the praises of TMS to anyone who will listen. I thank God, Dr. Hart, TMS creators, and anyone else even remotely involved with this therapy for literally saving my life.

In the span of 6 weeks, I went from a suicidal, nearly bed-ridden, shell of a person to a happy, energetic, and hopeful woman. I never thought I would ever be able to say these words again, but – I AM SO VERY HAPPY!