Tish’ Story of Hope with TMS Therapy

March 14, 2016

New Hope TMS Depression Therapy logo - sunbird onlyToday, I will settle in the comfort of the TMS Therapy chair for my 30th treatment. This is officially my last treatment in the series before tapering away from TMS Therapy. I am really happy to report that, even before the end of my TMS Therapy, I’ve noticed positive changes in myself.

Over 20 years ago, I was diagnosed with major depression. I’ve tried numerous antidepressants and natural supplements to battle this issue but nothing ever gave me complete relief. I’ve struggled with fantasies of suicide, wishing I would contract a terminal illness to justifiably end my life of misery and using excessive sleeping as a way to escape the dreaded feelings I felt. About 10 years ago, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Then, recently, I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and trigeminal neuralgia. This was in addition to the depression!

I turned to TMS Therapy in desperation when my health seem to be at its worse. I was severely depressed, my body hurt all over EVERY day and I could barely function well enough each day to appear to be normal. I slept at least 16 hours a day, I stayed home and even stopped working because my brain seem to be so fatigued that I could barely concentrate on anything. I was taking high doses of antidepressants and Lyrica but neither seem to be very effective.

The first thing I noticed after a week of TMS was at my pain level seemed a little lighter. Then after two weeks of treatment, I noticed that I wasn’t in pain at all anymore. I also noticed that I wasn’t sleeping as much. In addition, my brain seemed to be waking up and I was able to concentrate more. After three weeks of TMS, I was still pain-free, sleeping less during the day, becoming more involved in my family and their lives again and I noticed the absence of the negative voices in my head. Now, at the end of week four, I can honestly say that I feel a sense of true contentment. My head feels clearer, my burdens seem lighter and I remain free of pain! In addition, I’ve been successful at tapering down my antidepressants and Lyrica to less than a fourth my original doses.

TMS Therapy has truly given me new hope! I encourage anyone who suffers with depression that hasn’t been successfully treated with medication to try this protocol with the goal of relief or even remission from depression. My insurance company willingly covered treatments after submitting proper documentation with the help of Dr. Hart and her staff.

Thank you Dr. Hart for your care and compassion (and hours of research) to find a successful alternative treatment for depression. Thank you also to Stephanie and Jodi for your skills in operating the TMS machine and sitting patiently by my side offering words of encouragement as I went through each treatment.

I look forward to experiencing my new outlook on life!