Margaret’s Story of Hope with TMS Therapy

April 25, 2016

New Hope TMS Depression Therapy logo - sunbird onlyWhen I first came to New Hope, I was in very bad shape. I was extremely depressed and had severe anxiety. My anxiety was such that I could hardly sit still. I did a lot of pacing and felt like I was crawling out of my skin. I had constant panic attacks. I had problems sleeping, frequently spending whole nights not sleeping at all even while taking sleep medication. Antidepressants no longer worked for me. It was hard to be alone. I clung to my sister a lot. I thought about suicide all the time and how I would go about it. I was obsessed with the idea. The only things that stopped me from doing it was the thought of what it would do to my family. I had fantasies about being killed by a car accident or a drive by shooting or someone jumping out of the bushes while I walked around the lake. Every day was an eternity.

My sister did research and found New Hope TMS Depression Therapy. We both felt hopeful that it might be the answer. I started the treatments with high hopes. It took time and I felt discouraged for a while but then after another while I began to notice that the anxiety was getting better. I became less obsessed with the idea of killing myself. Then I noticed I wasn’t as depressed. By the end of my treatments, my anxiety was pretty much gone and the depression was greatly reduced. I’m sleeping much better now and no longer want to die. I’m glad now that I didn’t swallow that bottle of pills. TMS definitely made all the difference in the world.